Manage your appointments, report on your KPIs and keep your customers happy. Maestro keeps working when everyone else has gone home.


Think of your business like a symphony. There are a lot of moving parts to bring together so everything works in harmony. Legal compliance. Appointment confirmations. Client communications. Up to the minute business performance indicators.  Now think of Maestro as the conductor.

A great conductor produces an incredible performance. Artificial computer intelligence enables Maestro to bring your business processes into perfect alignment, so you can focus on making your customers’ experience outstanding. That’s why you’re in this business, right?


Your business needs to run like a well-oiled machine.

Maestro exists to enhance the happiness of your customers and the efficiency of your business. Get those right and your business becomes a machine designed for optimal profitability.


Stay in touch with your clients 

Maestro calls, voicemails, emails, texts and even snail mails your clients to make sure they know when their appointments are coming up. And thanks them for coming, too. 


Deeply personal 

No matter what the reason, Maestro communicates personally with the information your clients care about.


Maximize business efficiency 

Maestro ensures your client appointment schedule is full and stays that way. Minimize downtime, maximize profits. Predict problems before they happen, and stop them at the source.


Take care of the details automatically 

Maestro uses computer Intelligence to solve day to day problems, and only gets humans involved when it really matters.


Keep your human staff on task

You create the task schedule; your staff opt in to see it; then Maestro follows up to ensure tasks are completed on time and on budget.


Motivate when needed, reward performance

Maestro lets you see which members of the team are getting the job done and who needs extra attention.


Keep the executive team informed

One dashboard keeps management and supervisors up to date on everything that’s mission critical, using real time analytics. Pinpoint how your performance measures up against your KPIs right now.


Report on what makes a difference

Maestro provides detailed sales analysis, customer analysis and even fraud detection. Report daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and segment your business regionally, nationally or locally.


Compliance made easy

Maestro knows what to do, how to do it legally and when the deadlines are.



Your job is to think about expansion.
Not chasing up task lists.

You know how complicated running a business can be. Keeping an eye on day-to-day task completion and working late to analyse numbers and compile reports is not what you signed on for.

Maestro was created to take the weight of running the business off your shoulders so you can think about expanding it.

Maestro has been designed by people who run businesses that operate on a system of repeatable tasks, that may include client appointments. So it knows what challenges you face, what’s painful and time consuming for you and where it can step in to take away the burden. It’s like hiring a conductor to organize and coordinate the orchestra you have assembled. Everyone knows what they need to do and when it needs to happen. Your business starts to feel like everything happens intuitively and just as you designed it. Now you stop worrying about your business, and start enjoying it again.

If it sounds too good to be true, you’d better get in touch today.
Maestro could be the best hiring decision you’ve ever made.

Maestro uses sophisticated computer intelligence to identify problems and solve them.
Usually, before they even happen.

Here’s how Maestro’s intelligence monitors your business to stop profit-leaching problems from hurting your results.

  1. Maestro deeply analyses each action, activity and piece of data your business uses.

  2. It constantly calculates a real time proforma.

  3. When it notices something that will change profitability.

  4. It begins to focus on that item alongside thousands of best practice options.

  5. To keep your financial plan on target.


Your dental Practice is a business,
not a day care facility.

We get it. Some days feel like chaos. Missed appointments. Staff that don’t show up. Slow insurance reimbursements that put huge pressure on your cashflow. That’s not why you went into dentistry.

Your original business vision probably looked like this.

Staff working intuitively at maximum efficiency.

New patients adding business growth regularly.

All of  your practice management, accounting and reporting systems automatically working together to create a smooth, easy operation.

You spending your time providing exceptional practice service (and thinking about expansion plans).


Maestro runs your office smoothly and profitably so you can focus on why you started practice in the first place.

Maestro gathers all of your existing systems (Like Practice Management System, Reminders, Online Reviews, Recalls, Patient Communication, Reporting) and enables them to seamlessly work together.

Your staff are given specific tasks with deadlines -  and they’re measured by them.

Maestro monitors your appointment schedule and keeps it optimized by phone, email and text confirmations. No shows are minimized.

Maestro reports on your performance against target and your activity achievements against goals. You know, in real time, exactly what’s happening in your business.

Got a hygienist off work unexpectedly or running behind schedule? Maestro reschedules their appointments quickly and efficiently.

Maestro takes the non-revenue generating parts of your business and automates it, saving you staff time and cost.

Want to know which patients are loss leaders and which ones are likely to become profitable for your clinic? Maestro does.

Want to know how your patient load, spend and volume compare to other practices? Ask Maestro.

Your new normal with Maestro

A new patient comes in the door, you treat the patient well, the staff have easy to follow task lists for required record updates. You are now treating that patient like gold and have more time to do so. That patient is so satisfied they write great reviews because Maestro initiates it, and of course they tell others.  So more new patients call and schedule an appointment. The reason you and your staff have more time is because Maestro did 90% of the work for you and got it right.  Maestro never calls in sick, doesn’t forget, doesn’t make mistakes and is never overwhelmed.

It’s time to make Maestro your favorite new hire!

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